Is your job to deliver the next wave of successful new products to replace part of the existing portfolio?


This is a tremendous challenge in large companies, originally created for efficient production, and certainly not for cross functional sensitive innovation processes.


Cross functional cooperation in a large company, can be a nightmare for those who try to succeed in efficient product innovation. Mainly because decision makers have other "here and now" options and goals than efficient product innovation on their mind.

And as time goes by, the market windows will close ..and suddenly everything must happen "here and now" ! This is where failure often begins.


Believe us, we have many years of hard experience in the field, and we think we know how product innovation is difficult, and why and how to change the situation.


We have developed a service to fill your needs - a full scale facilitation service, including 57 best practice Agenda templates for product innovation meetings, meeting facilitation, documentation, management advice and process driving for every dimension in modern product innovation....Concept Layout


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